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At U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation we understand that time is of the essence when an emergency occurs. Our biological waste disposal service can help ease the stress and discomfort of a bio-hazardous event. 
 Our certified team of trauma cleanup professionals can provide you with effective and meticulous crime scene cleanup services.  When tragedy strikes, the dust has settled, and the lights of the police, fire, and ambulance vehicles have left, there is often a spooky silence.  As the person left with the aftermath of a crime scene, you might be feeling a number of things.  The shock that something awful has happened to you or a loved one.  Confusion as to what you are to do next with the cleanup.

Our emergency biohazard technicians are trained to handle all types or biological waste clean ups.

U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation can react to any form of emergency 
cleaning 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We have a specialized team of experienced, highly trained staff, using the 
latest equipment and dedicated emergency response vehicles to cope with any situation anywhere in the NJ.

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I didn't know what to do or even where to start when it came to trauma restoration, after a member of my family was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. The house resembled what I imagine a real-life crime scene might look like. Fortunately, I found U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation who came in and took care of everything. They were kind, compassionate and extremely professional. I pray nothing like this ever happens again, but it's very reassuring to know that there is a service like this out there that helps with these types of situations. I highly recommend them.

Mike R.

As a police officer, you are faced with traumatic situations daily. From violent crimes and homicides to suicides and serious accidents, you have likely seen it all. Still, when a member of your community has been a victim of a homicide, you want to do what you can for the family and help lighten the burden that they will inevitably face in the days and weeks to come. Many families whose loved one has been murdered are shocked to find out that it is their responsibility to clean up the scene of the homicide; the police and other law enforcement officials do not have the ability to perform this sort of specialized service. Fortunately, no family has to take on this task alone, thanks to homicide cleanup companies U.S. Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Equinox Biohazard Remediation

Eugene W.

Grzegorz and his crew from Equinox Biohazard Remediation  came in at the most horrible time a family could be in. Their professionalism, hard work and attitude was a great complement to their company. They did an outstanding job and made a horrible life experience slightly more bearable. Thank you for having them help us on such a bad day.

Neil. Goldstien

They were there on time - Explained everything well, answered all my questions. Jerry, Tom  and Vincent were very personable and easy to talk to — trustworthy — did everything and more. I appreciate them and the work they do.